Racism or coincidence?

If you think talking about racism is difficult in the age of Trump, imagine our future if today’s students can’t recognize racism

Representative Tlaib represents the US Congressional district where this photo was taken. Detroit, Mich. by Nick Gregory

In hearings wrought with relevant educational topics, racism stood out as the subject students need to examine more than any other national problem. We need to equip students with the skills and knowledge to spot racism and think about situations from different perspectives.

Start at the 6:01:30 mark and then at the 7:07:00 mark to see Tlaib’s comments.

Unpacking racism in the classroom

Teachers are in a position to lead

Today’s high school seniors have been witness to a national conversation about race and ethnicity that includes Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, Missouri, the travel ban, the Keystone XL pipeline, the birther movement, Colin Kaepernick, the border wall controversey and Charlottesville. It’s past the time to get real.

Detroit, Mich. By Nick Gregory

Fan of ideas, bold action & learning from failure. Family man. Fierce advocate for education. Teacher & Ed. Leader. (Ideas all mine, not repping my employer.)

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